Honorary member

UAB „Fermentas“ (acquired by “Thermo Fisher Scientific“) co-founder and first board member, co-founder of MO museum.

Pharmaceutical gene engineering pioneer in Lithuania, „Northway Biotechpharma“ board member, founder of NORTHWAY Group.

Founder of Lithuanian biotechnology association and first president of LBTA (2003-2009)

Modern Lithuanian biotechnology research and industry pioneer.

Honorary member

Prof. Gervydas Dienys honorary member since 2019. He is the initiator of the incorporation of Lithuanian biotechnologies into European biotechnological organizations.

Prof. Virginijus Šikšnys – Lithuanian biochemist, distinguished professor at Vilnius University, whose research on the CRISPR-Cas has had a major impact in the field of gene editing.Honorary member since 2024.

Honorary member

Algimantas Markauskas – CEO of “Thermo Fisher Scientific Baltics” 2010-2023.  spearheaded the success of the largest biotech company in Lithuania, fostering significant organic business growth and continuously attracting investments from Thermo Fisher Scientific. Honorary member since 2024.