To become a member fill the request form and questionnaire located below. Both forms could be submitted in this page or could be sent to LithuaniaBIO via email:


For-profit companies yearly member fee is set to the size of the company:

  • Very small enterprises (up to 10 employees) – 300 Eur
  • Small enterprises (from 10 to 50 employees) – 600 Eur
  • Large and medium enterprises (over 50 employees) – 2500 Eur.

Academia, non-governmental, public institutions yearly member fee – 1000 Eur.

Individual membership fee – 100 Eur/year.


Payment details:

Recipient Association LithuaniaBIO
Recipient’s code 126374821
Account number LT537300010082007170
Bank name AB Swedbank
Bank code 7300
Payment purpose Member fee for the year…

Membership benefits:

  • LithuaniaBIO support in developing biotechnology companies as well as market access for biotechnological products.
  • Member representation at international events, discounts for participation or exposition at events.
  • Access to LithuaniaBIO events, seminars, statistical data collected by LithuaniaBIO.
  • Access to Lithuanian industry confederation activities ( and international organization membership advantages (see list of LithuaniaBIO memberships and collaborations).
  • Information about innovations in the biotechnology sector, events, ongoing events, organized seminars, project calls in Lithuania and EU.
  • LithuaniaBIO newsletter.
  • Outsourced service of scientific and technical information: analysis of scientific literature, patent database analysis and others.
  • Support in search for specialists, experts, competences, partners in local and global scope.