Lithuanian Biotechnology association was founded in 2003, due to the increasing importance of biotechnology in the fields of science and economy. The association unites business enterprises in Lithuania that develop and manufacture biotechnological products and provide services in the life sciences sector, as well as scientific institutions conducting fundamental and exploratory scientific research in the field of biotechnology, including individual researchers actively participating in scientific research in the field of biotechnology. In January 2023, the Lithuanian Biotechnology Association (LBTA) became LIthuaniaBIO and expanded the area it represents according to the direction of skillful specialization – health technologies and biotechnology.
The goal of LithuaniaBIO is to promote the wider application of life sciences and biotechnology in the Lithuanian economy in solving global environmental and quality of life challenges.


Priority topics

Life Science

Life Sciences – a study of living organisms and life processes, including biology, microbiology, physiology, biochemistry and related subjects. Life science innovations are applied in medicine, pharmaceutical, agriculture, food and other industries.  Lithuanian life science industry comprises of companies, academia and healthcare industries operating in the field of pharma, biotechnology, pre-clinical and clinical drug development,…

Health technologies

“Biotechnology represents an integrated application of natural and engineering sciences, aimed at using living organisms, cells and their parts in production and service-rendering” (the definition issued in 1989 by the European Federation of Biotechnology, the EFB). Health biotechnology (Red Biotechnology) is used to create an advanced class of drugs, therapies, vaccines and diagnostic tools. This…


The Bioeconomy encompasses the production of renewable biological resources and the conversion of these resources and waste streams into value-added products, such as food, feed, bio-based products, and bioenergy (according to “Innovating for Sustainable Growth: A Bioeconomy for Europe“, 14 February 2012). Over the coming decades, the world will witness increased competition for limited and…

LBTA strategic goals (2020 - 2023)

1. Represent Lithuania’s biotechnology sector in governmental institutions and active participate in government strategy formation related to life sciences, health technologies and bioeconomics

2. Grow international partnerships and globally represent Lithuania’s biotechnology sector

3. Facilitate the development and investment into Lithuania’s biotechnology SME sector, with strong focus on start-up ecosystem growth

4. Active participation in preparing and improving education programs necessary for life sciences, health technologies and bioeconomy development in Lithuania

5. Sustain active communication between LithuaniaBIO members and partners and organise events to promote biotechnology achievements