Research centers

  • VMTI Center for Innovative Medicine

  • Vilnius University, Life Science Center, Institute of Biotechnology

  • Vilnius University, Life Science Center, Institute of Biochemistry

  • Lithuanian Agriculture and Forestry Sciences Center

  • Vytautas Magnus University, Bioeconomy Research Institute

  • Vytautas Magnus University, Research Institute of Natural and Technological Sciences

  • Kaunas University of Technology, Faculty of Chemical Technology

There is a network of open access centers in Lithuania, which consists of 12 universities, 12 research institutes and 7 science and technology parks. Modern R&D infrastructure, equipment, services and the highest level of scientific competence – all this is concentrated in research laboratories that act as Open Access Centers.

Open access centers are located in 5 valleys


Open Access Center for Marine Science and Technology
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Open Access Center for Animal Health and Quality of Raw Materials of Animal Origin

Open Access Center of Excellence in Food Science and Technology

Open Access United Research Center for agriculture and Forests

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The center of the latest pharmaceutical and health technologies

National Open Access Science Center for Future Energy Technologies

National Open Access R&D Center Kaunas University of Technology

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Open Access Center for Physical Sciences and Technology

Laser research center complex “Naglis”

Civil engineering science center

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United Center for Life Sciences

Information Technology Open Access Center

Nature Research Open Access Center

United Center for Innovative Medicine