Honorary member

Prof. Gervydas Dienys honorary member since 2019. He is the initiator of the incorporation of Lithuanian biotechnologies into European biotechnological organizations.

Head of Environmental Research Center and Head of Biology Department at Vytautas Magnus University, Life Science Faculty.

Modern Lithuanian biotechnology research and industry pioneer.

Founder of Lithuanian biotechnology association and first president of LBTA (2003-2009)

Honorary member

UAB „Fermentas“ (acquired by “Thermo Fisher Scientific“) co-founder and first board member, co-founder of MO museum.

Pharmaceutical gene engineering pioneer in Lithuania, „Northway Biotechpharma“ board member, founder of NORTHWAY Group.

CEO and Co-Founder of company Biomapas – clinical, regulatory and pharmacovigilance solution provider to the global life science industry.

Business manager at company BIORRO – supplier of advanced biotechnology products to agriculture, food and spirits industries.

CEO and Co-Founder of company CasZyme developing CRISPR Cas technology based gene editing tools and it’s applications.

Board member

President of company Nomads, UAB specializing in the development, optimization and application of transient plant gene expression systems.